Favourite Fitness Finds (Summer 2017 some Canada specific)


This summer I discovered some new fun, (often frugal) fitness things and I wanted to share. I’ve seen this idea in a number of blog posts already so credit where credit is due. This isn’t however a bunch of links to products however they are in there too and they are worth it but also probably a good deal. I know that this might be nicer to read in may but I really did discover them this year plus sales are on now for next year!

fitness finds1
My birthday is in the summer too! This is my official bday pic. Believe it or not I was hard at wok in this picture. Take my boat and fix the starter. No problem!

Plunging into the ocean after a run

So I live in a wicked cool spot on a beach and that beach basically has a lake attached to it. Trust me I get it, I’m lucky! Check out some drone footage honey shot here. However the North Atlantic Ocean isn’t known for it’s warm waters. Even in July and august the water doesn’t get much above 15 C (59 F) but this year we’ve had a lot of south winds driving in warmer Gulf Stream waters pushing the temperature to wait for it… 19 C (66 F). My beach if I can call it that (ps I can’t) is a busy beach full of people at all hours, upwards of 8000 on a hot sunny weekend day  and there are people there even after dark. I’ve always been held back by the idea of leaving my Apple Watch and iPhone on the shore of the lake or beach while I swim.

I’ve asked honey to meet me down there with flip flops and a towel a few times when he was going boating anyway and the swims after a run have been awesome. We’ve been super busy with wharf work this year too which means my undies (which I choose for that exact reason) have doubled a lot as bathing suits this year. The fact that my phone and watch are getting older and theses seemingly random facts mean that I’ve thrown caution to the wind a few times and plunged in after more of my runs this year. And it’s as awesome as it sounds!

Why it took me this long I can’t explain. Anyone else would have figured this out way sooner than me! But.. here’s the best way to do it. Find a secluded spot and discreetly shove your electronics into the pocket in your waist belt or shorts if your not wearing those into the water. Try to stash it in a inconspicuous location like between two rocks. Now getting down to your bra and undies is best here but you don’t have to but strip off to your skivvies. We all know sports bras might be thin and leave you a bit nippy afterwards and a dry shirt helps with that. Some dry-ish clothes do help you warm up on your walk home a bit too. Then redress (taking your electronics out of your now wet shorts if they are in there and head home, dry off if your wearing shoes and or socks home a bit first. If you have dry shorts less water drips onto your feet too. But I walk up the driveway barefoot and aching on the gravel.


Joe fresh girls sports bras

I’m a proud member of the itty bitty titty commitee. But somehow I still go through sports bras in record time. Actually I wear them to work in the sun everyday in case I need to swim, plus if there is a chance that I might squeeze in a workout I’ll make sure I wear one, so yeah that’s why I go through them. I’ll stitch them tighter once on the sewing machine but they still don’t last that long. Plus I’m pretty tiny otherwise as well. Usually any non-sports bra company small is too big but the nike, Adidas and the like make a small that is truly small. It would be nice to save some cash since there’s not a whole lot to support there anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 11.58.51 PM
That’s right $12 full price and no tax

This summer I discovered the sports bra’s at Joe Fresh (Loblaws or Superstore) in the kids department. I find that this line really takes the whole vanity sizing thing two steps too far. The xs is like a big+ small and the small like a full medium. Size 2 pants are more like a 6. But… the kids department, hell yeah! I take a lg kids in sports bras there but there is also an xl which is a step smaller than the ladies xs. The other nice thing they do too is a couple of mommy and me outfits that use the same fabric as the ladies outfits so if you are taller or bigger on the bottom you can mix and match.

And… they are cheaper because they are kids and in Canada at least there is no sales tax on kids clothes! What!!!! Plus they are at the grocery store which makes them super convenient. They also have an online store which ships to the states here. The quality is better then almost all other discount-like brands and the prices are often cheaper than Walmat. Plus everything seems to be on sale or even clearance constantly! check it out!

Joe fresh shorts

While your there… check out there shorts too. I bought a pair to wear under a running skit for a 1/2 last fall and then ran in tights until this year. I tested them on a couple of long runs first and wasn’t blown away but I am now. They never rubbed me the wrong way last year even in a soaking wet 1/2 and a wet trail run this year. I got an xs but the nice thing with these are the internal drawstring which means you can customize the size a bit further to your body and the weather and I guess as they stretch as they age. Its the continuous loop kind you tie a knot in and not the bow type so it doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk and always stays tied. It’s nice to have them a bit tighter if its going to be wet. PS the capris my sister bought me for my birthday have this feature too.

The other nice thing is how short they are. If your looking to add a layer under a tutu or skirt for a costume chances are they won’t be seen. On really hot days it’s nice to wear the shortest ones you have, plus it makes that horrible tan line a bit higher. They are also really versitile since the fabric is not paper thin. There is some weight to the fabric so they can double as bike shorts, hide panty lines for yoga and even when tied securely can double as more modest, yet not prudish bikini bottoms.

Overall the nice thing about these is how reliable and unremarkable they are for a full price of $24. They’ve washed well, never rubbed or chaffed, rolled, lost streachyness and they look brand new after many runs, races and a full season. Before and after a wet trail race in these, no difference!


Road ID

This is a really cool product and I’ve talked about it before. I also don’t think it’s just for runners. I’m not a generally a freaked out person. I don’t think anyone is going to hit me and drag me into the woods like ever, but I do always have a foil emergency blanket and a lighter should I get stranded overnight in my mountain bike pack.

When I first found out about it I thought I can do that and made little cards I laminated with tape. That worked for exactly two runs, great on the first one and not so great on the second one when I found my card on the road complete with my mom’s contact info.

You can customize your text but their templates are pretty well thought out. Check them out here. I kept the homemade ones in my bike bags but got shoe decals for a more foolproof solution. I’ll never put on a bracelet before a run but I’ll always wear shoes. The scenario I most envision happening is someone hitting me and for what ever reason not stopping. If I end up hurt I don’t want to be alone in the ER. At the very least make yourself a good emergency screen on your phone.


If your thinking about this one now is the time since sales are on. I got a paddle board for my birthday this year and it rocks you can read all about it here. It’s a lot of fun and once you make the initial investment that’s about it cost wise. I’ve found that I like it in the ocean with waves a lot more than the still lake water. I still want to do some more yoga this year on it before it gets too cold.



Ok I didn’t discover this one in 2017, but I did renew my subscription. Love love love this app it’s the best cycle fitness app tracker by a long shot that I’ve tried but it also sends a loved one gps updates while your out there. If you cycle please, please read this and consider. There’s an in depth review at the end of the post.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.33.14 PM

Michelin Tire Trot

tire trot

Yes as in the tire company, and the restaurant stars. A free race with a medal, I’m totally in! It’s part of Michelin’s health and safety week in Bridgewater and it’s free to the public. It is super cool that a company does this sort of thing. I did a whole race recap on it and I’ll be doing it again next year if it’s on. This was the first year so we’ll see, I hope they do it again next year! It’s especially nice to have races in Bridgewater and not Halifax since the getting there part (and parking) is so much less stressful. If your local I defiantly recommend checking it out.

What were your favourite fitness finds this summer? Anything I should add to my list for next summer?



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