Weekend Motivation 80

A couple of weeks ago now honey went on a boys work trip for a couple of days with three of his friends and I took the opportunity to go take some pictures for weekend motivation posts. I was at Bayswater Beach taking pictures of the ocean as one does and I noticed the sunset on the other side was perfect for a silhouette shot right at that exact moment. It wasn’t until I was editing it that I noticed the first tree has a lot more character than the other two big pines. That happens here with trees that are really close to the ocean as they have to deal with some pretty strong pervasive winds. Around here trees just like people everywhere sometimes show on the outside all the stuff they’ve gone through in their lives.

No two people are exactly alike by a certain stage in their life on the inside or on the outside and that’s just great. I’m certainly at a stage in my life where I don’t really care if I look like, think like or am like anyone else or not. I’m me and I’m totally fine with that. We all get that way by a certain age though don’t we? I was thinking about honey and his three friends headed on their trip and you really couldn’t get four more different people in the same truck! If they were dwarfs their names would be happy, OCD-y, ease-y and I think honey would be itchy only 2 of them are short. They’re all different ages, backgrounds, some are married some are not and one is even American. But they all get along, enjoy each other’s company and they had a great time on their trip! I much prefer to spend my time with people who are true to themselves and embrace the quirks and quarks that make them who they are. I also think we can all tell when we’re in the presence of someone who doesn’t. It baffles me to no end how so many people can want to work the same three jobs, drive the same car, live in the same subdivision and spend their weekends doing the exact same things. Maybe I’m missing out on a secret but I highly doubt it.

So this weekend while you’re out there do some thinking about what makes you different and why that’s awesome! If you’re out there for a really long time (spring training and all) think about what special thing makes you appreciate your favorite peeps the most, I bet no two will be the same!

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