Weekend Motivation 94

Maybe reality TV or social media is to blame but it feels like we all have a bit more low key jealousy in our lives these days. We want her house, his car, that body and to be that social every weekend. But that’s not really what this is about and everyone’s grandma was quick to point out you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Chances are you aren’t seeing the whole picture in any case but even if someone else’s life really is picture perfect that didn’t just happen by accident.

As funny as this is going to sound the first step is actually thinking about what that means for you. Like really thinking about it! I’m not sure that two people will ever have the exact same list of priorities in the exact same order as any one else and that’s totally okay. One thing to accept is the fact that you can’t realistically have it all. Not all of us are independently wealthy people, who only have to work for their passion projects and seem to collect amazing friends everywhere they go. If you are great, but you probably have to think about how to build a life you love too. Think about your priorities and the trade offs you are willing to make for that life in advance.

Is your bank account balance really worth sacrificing your health and everything else at all costs? Where are you moral lines in the sand you’re not willing to cross no matter what? Does the way you spend the majority of your time (even your free time) really line up with your vision of your best life? I firmly believe if you don’t think about these sorts of things in advance you just end up on the proverbial hamster wheel. You just keep spinning in what’s in front of you. I guess its along the lines of the old idea that an unexamined life isn’t worth living.

Personally I’m a doer and not so much a dreamer in the sense that I like to be busy. But I get that I need to be still sometimes too. No matter how busy I get, and I do, I always want to make time for the things that keep me healthy and I happen to love those things. I use language like “I have to get out for a run today” on purpose because I mean it. I’d rather have fewer quality things that I truly love than many I don’t value. I also try to remind myself that everything has worked out so far and stress less in the moment. Plus other stuff, lots of other stuff!

Next time you find yourself thinking ‘I wish I had a house that looked like hers!’ Ask yourself ‘do you really? and if you do start working towards that goal. If you find yourself wanting more friends in your life start putting yourself out there and make some new ones. There’s no better time to think big thoughts like this during a long workout this weekend with the mental clarity that so often brings.

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