Weekend Motivation 104

It’s happening again this year you guys, people are saying fall and even winter are coming. The rational part of me gets that well it is technically true but the immature tries to live in the moment part is all amped up about it. I love summer and truthfully I love that our summers are getting hotter, longer and drier on average. It does scare me too and I definitely don’t like that our winter storms are getting way more powerful. But I LOVE summer! I love running in cute skirts and sports bras, I love that the ocean is warm enough to swim in. I love harvesting veggies from my garden and I love the long days. Here’s the thing all of that is still going to be going on at least a month from now. That’s 1/12th of the year so don’t take that away from me!

The thing is I have gotten better, way better, at living in the moment in recent years. It’s a great skill to cultivate if you can work on it. I now find it utterly stupid to think about something you don’t like in the future and miss out on something you enjoy that’s happening right now! Sure as I’m writing this there are less than 4 months until Christmas but that is for future me to deal with. I get that summer specifically might not be your thing but everyday brings something for you to love, even in February. Whether summer is your thing or not find yourself doing something you love doing and make it a point to focus on why you love it and get lost in the moment. In the mean time feel free to run away from anyone with a pumpkin spice anything or a scarf!

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