Weekend Motivation 111

Race season is pretty much over for another year, sad face 😦 But dress like an elf holiday fun run season is just around the corner! I’m doing my best to get excited about winter over here but I’m sure there’s lots of other people that are thrilled to see it coming. A new (to me) 4WD on the horizon is helping a lot with that! As I’m getting older and the years are just flying by faster I’m realizing it’s all too short to spend any time wishing this moment away just so you can get onto the next one. This time of year I’m usually super focused on figuring out what I’m doing next year and planning my spring accordingly. There is still some of that going on but this year I want to make a point not to miss out on the fall and winter season just waiting for spring.

This really applies to every aspect of life not just fitness. I was just chatting about how busy the next few months can be with the holidays, Christmas shopping, office parties, decorating and the like. It’s definitely a time we can all rush through and get to the finish line. Maybe try not to do that this year too. Maybe even do less of that an enjoy all that time with friends and family!

If you find yourself looking too far forward take off the blinders and find a way to be present in the moment you’re currently in. The fall and winter season isn’t just about maintaining fitness and hitting the ground running in the spring. It’s also about changing colors, the crunch of fresh snow under you feet, running on a deserted beach and seeing every sunrise and sunset. It’s about fun charity runs, going just as far and as often as you want and light up tutu’s at least for me! This weekend work on a list of those sorts of things you love about all the seasons to carry you through till next race season!

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