Weekend Motivation 112

Here’s the thing we’re all busy, there is always other stuff that needs to be done, it’s cold, rainy or snowy. Christmas, halloween or thanksgiving is just around the corner and work/home is always going to be crazy right now. Heck sometimes I just want to wear Pj’s and watch something terrible on Netflix more than I want to work out. You’re not always going to be motivated and that’s where dedication comes in. Here’s the truth sometimes you won’t be motivated for a good long time and that when you can find excuses faster than ads on the internet.

Over the last month or so I’ve found my motivation lacking and my dedication wasn’t right there to pick up the slack. And true to form I have a list of excuses:

  • I just did a half
  • I was sick for 3 weeks
  • Work is crazy after taking time off in the summer
  • It’s dark so early/ late
  • We have to get a new truck like yesterday
  • I have to take care of all these other people’s needs
  • It’s slightly cold
  • All of my bikes are still at my moms and I really want to go biking instead
  • We’re visiting family that’s more important
  • I’ve slept 7 hours in the last 2 days

Those are all kinda legit reasons to skip but the thing is I and everyone else always has a list like that. Lots of them are even longer! Which is a very roundabout way of saying I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit as of late. I was sick and after three weeks I was well enough but it still didn’t happen the last two weeks other than about once a week. But I’m ramping up again this week. Not for any race really just to take the best care of myself that I can and to meet my own expectations for myself.

Whatever you’re looking to accomplish remember that while the excuses will seem to pop up out of no where along the way reasons to do it have to be actively searched for. Even the most dedicated among us go through periods where they find their motivation lacking too. So this weekend first cut yourself some slack and remember that you are in fact just human. Right after that search for some even bigger reasons why you really want to get up and crush it instead!

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