Make Working Out Fun Again: How to get your groove back

No matter how much you love your favourite workout it can get stale after a while after that it can start to suck a bit and you loose motivation. I just started training for a 1/2 marathon this month after a winter of only running and I’m not there yet but we all know it’s coming eventually. Runners are definitely at high risk for getting bored but really it can happen no mater what sport is your sport. Doing the same thing day in day out can get boring no matter what it is and how much you love it and yes you could change it up but the reality of training for a race or event means you’re committed at least for the short to medium term. I have a few tricks and ideas for how you can fall back in love with your sport again and I’ve divided them into things that cost money and then things that don’t.

Try running in a pretty new location too!

Get your mojo back spending dough

Buy some new gear

Even if you don’t need it buying new clothes, gadgets or shoes, especially shoes, temporarily motivates you to get that cute butt moving again. Last, last Christmas honey bought me EVERYTHING for winter running like three long sleeve tops, a super warm sweat shirt, wind and waterproof pants, a new t-shirt, arm buffs, hydration belt, special running gloves and ankle weights (returned those, no don’t sign me up for that). It was all brand name stuff and IT ALL MATCHED! Plus he didn’t know what to get me for my giant stocking so he just put an apple watch in it, GREAT CHOICE. That all kept me motivated into this winter too, After all it has to be about -10 c before I get to break out that super cute sweatshirt which looks best with the warmest turtleneck top. This particular combination still leads me to exclaim excitedly, “It’s cold I’m going running!” But I’ll admit it can be an expensive option. It doesn’t have to be check out this post on how to buy fitness gear for cheap but I tend to do pretty well at used clothing stores and my love of Joe Fresh activewear is no secret. Half the stuff at the used shops has a definite never been worn feeling, so that’s an option. Alternatively bribe yourself, tell your self if you do all your runs for the next two weeks you can buy something new. Even better ask for this stuff for upcoming holiday’s, birthdays or Tuesdays if you can swing that.

Hire a professional

It might be a run coach, personal trainer, online coach or life coach you choose. I think there are even people you can hire that call and nag you to keep you accountable, not sure what their job title is but… it’s a thing. If you pay for someone to help you there is a much better chance you’ll actually do it. Even if you don’t think you need a run coach they might make you aware of things you might never have picked up on and take you to a whole new level. You might not win that race but you might just smash a previous PR.

Sign up for a dream race, maybe even a longer one

Is there a race you’ve always wanted to do but you haven’t because you have to travel, you already spend too much on the regulars, it’s fancy and expensive or it’s longer than anything you’ve ever done before. Now is the time, signing up for it is the first step then worrying about embarrassing yourself on the big day is the next one. That alone is enough to keep you motivated and training, you’re welcome.

bluenose reg
Sign up for a race or two!

Save your money and stay motivated

Teach someone your sport

You love your sport right, at least you did until not to long ago. It’s pretty cool to watch someone else fall in love with your favourite sport and you get to help them get there. It’s almost guaranteed to make your re-discover your original love for it. Plus you’ll be making all sorts of appointments to meet up with your personal trainee and exercise. Even if on the day your not feeling it your going to end up at least acting excited until it becomes real in the moment to motivate your new devotee. This cycle I’ll be training my stepdad for the 5k at Bluenose, which I will be doing too while prepping for the 1/2 the next day. Truthfully right now I’m all emo about it, do people still say emo? I’m like I’ll have to drive there, run with him, keep going than drive home after repeatedly weaselling out of tea every day over multiple days, ugg. Or I’ll have to run there, wait for them to get ready, get cold, run with them, chat, get cold again and then run home, ugggg. But when it comes time I’ll actually be super excited about it for real and I’ll be all like, “running is the best sport because… Isn’t this super fun?” And I know I’ll mean it at the time.

 It’ll even work of you just try to convince someone to start running

In fact even if you’re not successful in convincing someone to let you train them at the start of their running adventure just trying can be enough to get you going again. You’ll be extolling all of the virtues of running, why you love it and how much fun it is. That’s usually enough to keep you motivated for the best part of a week. If that effect wears off try to convince someone new the next week.

Add a social element

This could be a number of things, it could be posts on social media. That’s something I’ve added recently starting an instagram for getwifed. So I’ve gotten creative taking pictures on runs to build a presence. It was something I felt weird about at first it is a little brag-y but Its also kind of run fun. If I do the Nike 5k global run I usually make a post on my personal feed so… Anyway not totally sure how to feel about it but I really do like taking a fun picture every run. Would it be weird to make an image of all my runs at the end and hang it? Weird or not I just might now that I thought of it. And for how much some people post about their kids you’re probably in the clear.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 8.43.33 PM
Check out getwifed on instagram!

Revamp that playlist

Boy am I here right now! In December I got a new phone, honey’s old 6s, he’s keeping the new X nice for me as we speak. My playlists disappeared and I made a sad short running one, now that needs attention. I downloaded a few new songs last night, suggestions please for new ones, and it’ll take some time to fix it, but it’s gotta be done. Getting some songs to update the playlist can really revamp your motivation and when you’re tackling a new distance it’s pretty much a have to.

work in progress

Set a new goal

It’s probably easier or more reliable to go for a new distance rather than a new speed goal but if you reach for the speed stars you might very well hit the moon too! Say you’ve only run 10k’s in the past registering for and training for a new distance like a half can get you excited again. Perhaps you’ve done a few halfs, maybe it’s time to tackle the full? Maybe running only is not your thing at the moment now would be the perfect time to do a sprint triathlon! I really find that when I’m in the middle of a training plan I have all of the motivation to get it done. I know that people who do this plan, all of the plan are successful on race day and if I do the same I will be too. You might also aim to PR in your favourite race distance which might lead yo to hiring a run coach. Whatever you decide to do setting a new goal can get you excited about your sport again.

Watch some running or fitness documentaries

I want to do an upcoming post on this but truthfully it doesn’t really matter if they are great cinema or not watching people talk about how great running is for over an hour will make you want to get up and run. I’ve even watched some a second time when I’m struggling mentally before a long run that seems especially daunting! Here are some of my favourite titles but stay tuned for a more in depth post soon.

  • Breaking 2
  • Spirit of the Marathon (1 and 2)
  • Free to run (especially for ladies)
  • The Barkley Marathons: The race that eats it’s young

What are your sure fire tips to get your mojo back? Do you have any running movies to recommend?

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