Weekend Motivation 137

For a long time I ran but I didn’t usually love it. The odd time it was alright but mostly it was just really a really efficient way to keep fit. Then I started running further and I fell in love. Maybe it was more complicated than that or maybe it wasn’t. At some point after that I started racing, not winning mind you, and I fell in love with that too. For most of us if not all of us that’s off the table this year and you know what, that’s cool with me. I get that it’s easier for me because I didn’t have a dream race set in stone this year but I have in the past. I tried to put myself back into those years and I have had to put off my dream because of injury in the past too. That specific year I did all the fun races I was always too busy to do otherwise and it was great.

It looks like for now no one is going to be racing this year so I guess we’ll all have to think back to those days when we first fell in love with running (or whatever your thing is). Was it how it made you feel, was it the mental clarity or even how healthy and strong it made you feel? It’s time to get back to that now. I picked out one of my favorite runfies of all time for this weekend motivation because what photo better sums up my love of running? I remember the day, it was under 10 degrees below freezing and I was not in training at the time. I was so excited to just get out there in February when it wasn’t dark and the sun was out. See you can still have fun training for nothing at all!

As of now I’m not aware of any places that are banning getting out for a run or a ride completely but there might be restrictions. Live within those and go rediscover what made you fall in love in the first place. So as long as you’re still allowed to run get out there this weekend and go find out why you fell in love in the first place!

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