Half Update 6: Half Way There! Long Long Runs Commence!

I say halfway there in a 12 week plan because that last week is tapering and.. it’s super motivating! This week chugged along pretty nicely, a few days off for easter and some partially decent weather helped. But looking at next week’s schedule it’s about to get real so I really enjoyed this last week of pre-nuttyness. The thing is even taking on a huge sounding challenge isn’t extreme the whole time it’s really only a bit over a month of real sacrifice so stay tuned for that next week.


Tuesday: 5 km shakeout. I did this one with my trainee’s while three and got some not so great news from my mom her knees hurt after her last couple of runs, uh oh! Now this really concerned me because my mom is not the complaining type but rather the type to push through when she shouldn’t. Had my step dad complained he would have been more likely to get a ‘’suck it up buttercup” response. So I figured we’d watch it and got her to start to doing runner’s knee exercises but I’m pretty sure you can’t get an overuse injury in a 17 km lifetime running career, right? Did my last two on my own a tad worried.


Wednesday: 9 km interval run. Ugggg morning speed work is literally the devil and interval runs are the first! I copped out on the picture and just did the classic slacker watch and snakes picture. You can tell it’s early because i’m wearing my super cute ankle reflectors. Not that fast and not that fun!


Thursday: 5 km recovery (sort of): OMG, OMG I finally got to run in Peggy’s Cove on the rocks! We’ve been working out there on the regular for almost a year now and I even brought my running gear like 5 times but didn’t get to go. We were dropping stuff off and Honey had to fix some damage. It was amazing! My route mp looked like a drunken swimming squirrel plotted it out but I took lots of pictures for the blog so you’ll see that coming. Plus it was legit spring warm and sunny and low tide and I sort of tested out my bluenose pants since it was so warm. But I was having so much I forgot to evaluate them. Possibly the best non-race run of my life! If you’re not finding the time to fo a local dream run, make it!


Saturday: 6 km shakeout. Out with the trainee’s again on the trail, early. They decided to come out of the running closet today so we took an insta picture together. They posted the ones with their faces but I didn’t. Then I ran three more km on my own on the road, Mom’s knees hurt at first then got way better and then bad again. Uh oh! Again. Then at dinner the next day she was in serious pain so I benched her for the following week, I love having this kind of power! I spent those three km thinking about the 14 the next day. I don’t care what anyone says 14 km is a long run!


Sunday: 14 km long run. Coldish threatening to a rain and easter dinner to get to with the fam meant this one had a deadline. I meant to get up earlier than I did. Lately our sunday goes something like this I get up later than honey, drink coffee, put on too much makeup with my extra time, stay in my pj’s and honey plays poker. I complain about and talk about my long run for about 4 hours, sighing dramatically. Honey says vaguely encouraging yet off topic things while not really listening then more sighing. This week it was get up, caffinate, SPF and out the door in order to make, long soak in epsom salts and fancy clothes possibly by three. I jammed a cute easter cupcake the neighbours brought over in and headed out frowning. PS if you ever get to choose your neighbours, choose bakers. I did a great job sticking to my pace and the rain mostly head off. Bath time was awesome and the words “hurry up I want to get to mom’s, she has good snacks” were uttered. Our community is a string of blink and you’ll miss it villages along the same road so I’m starting a picture series with the signs demonstrating how far I’ve run. #Iranitfortheinsta. Stay tuned, Overall not eventful and next week’s 16 isn’t freaking me out like last training cycle’s did, yet.


If you’re interested in the plan I’m using it’s the realistic 1/2 marathon training plan I wrote available here. While you’re there check out my other plans too including the new bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan, more info here. What are you training for this season?


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