Half Update 8: Still Solo, Sans Snow and Still a Little Sick

The secret truth about training for something that others see as impossible is it’s not that hard for most of the time. In a 12 week plan like the one I’m using, which has customizations for first timers and those that want to get faster there are about 4 weeks that get a little nutty. Not even the last weeks but those before you taper off to rest. I’m getting to those four crazy weeks and I view this week as the first one of the four. I’m on my own again this week and still a little sick. Every night for two weeks I’ve been waking up with coughing fits, sad face. This past week it’s been this lingering dry cough for the most part but it made me nervous to take on those hard weeks a little under the weather. So this week I did my best to stick to the schedule (sort of), runners are such creatures of habit, and well this is how it went. Also this week for the first time ever I got blisters on my feet but read on, I think I might have it licked, at least I hope I do. Any advice is appreciated! I also started officially fund-raising (check out my page here) for the brain tumour foundation of Canada, $495 and counting!

Tuesday: 6 km shake out: I’ve always claimed that Bluenose is too early in the season to do more than the 10k. It’s the long weekend in May which means 12 weeks your when training starts the month still had an F in it! But by April I thought I’d at least be able to leave the special winter pants and coats behind. This Tuesday I weirdly had no students so I got to go after supper in just a light top and that rocked. I also realized through my nike app that my asics cumulus 18’s will be dead on race day so this was my first run in my new 19’s! They felt great but different than my old ones so stay tuned for an update on that. I’ve been texting GPS data back and forth with my remaining trainee across the pond. He noted that I must be really familiar with this route and he’s right it’s my go to running loop from home. It was supposed to have 3 km of hill repeats but save for the really big one I skipped that due to sickness. Great run and I’m looking forward to getting more summer gear out. If the running fairy is listening please can we have some warm weather in the next three weeks so I can test my race day outfit on a long run or two?


Wednesday: 5 km something: Today was supposed to be speed work day and my boss (slash partner) is supportive of taking some time for Wednesday speed work runs. The thing is I felt shaky and dizzy all morning so I decided to do Thursday’s 5k today. So I got to do another Peggy’s cove run. I even picked up paintbrushes, pop and a giant hot dog for honey’s lunch and ran it back. In the process I found those hill repeats I skipped the day before! Peggy’s Cove is quickly becoming one of my favourite places for a good run but if you go plan for a heavy wind year round! Also at this point it had been a long time since I changed in my car and never in my new car, now I can’t say that.

race day pants!

Thursday: 11 km fartlek: I hate speed work and I sort of gave myself permission to just cover the distance but since my last two runs turned out fast I begrudgingly made my self do it. I was supposed to have the day off but it turned out that was a lie. I dropped honey at work, tutored for two hours, then got out after 3 for my run. Then I had to pick up honey and cut my run at 7 km then finished the last four when I got home. It seemed like a big ask at the time but I got it done and relatively fast. It was after this run that I realized I had two blisters on the inside of each foot. That freaked me out since it can sideline your race day plans. Last cycle I was good about wearing real athletic socks for longer runs. I’m out a pair and my other ones have a small hole in them so I picked up a couple of pairs. Jokes on us but paying $20 for socks is just crazy.

4 km add on not pictured!

Saturday: 18 km long run: Since we had a plans the next day and it was forecasted to be near freezing I figured long run Saturday was better and warmer. Eighteen km is the point in a half marathon training plan where I start to get confident about the race day distance, Where does that happen for you? I wore those new 19’s as I want them to have about 100 km on them on race day and to test them out. It did feel like a long run but overall not too bad I think race day will be just fine. I completed it again a little faster than planned. Last time I did a half my long runs were coming in about 7:40 per km and race day was 7. This time my long runs are coming in just under 7:15 per km does that mean I’ll be running 6:30 on race day because that would be awesome! The last 5 km a spot under my left big toe was nagging at me and I instantly though of those blisters even though I was wearing new super serious (and expensive) socks. No worries though it was just a hot spot and none of my blisters got any worse. Do you all just let ‘em ride like the internet says or pop ‘em?

I’m doing a sign thing my Instagram with long runs

Sunday: Supposed to be 6: I ended up busy all day mostly in the car back and forth to the city. So I changed into running stuff before my last tutor but as we left the library it was so so much colder and his complaining almost convinced me to skip it. Instead I pulled over in Timberlea and ran on the pretty rails to trails there. Something I’ve always meant to do.  It was cold and my phone shut down but there is a pretty river/stream that runs along the trail. I ended up doing 5 due to sunset. I’ve learned the last few weeks I like to end my week with a long run and be done! Even though I did wake up coughing the night before I’m feeling much better but this has lasted three weeks and THREE long runs. Hopefully that’s behind me now!

If you’re interested in the plan I’m using it’s the realistic 1/2 marathon training plan I wrote available here. While you’re there check out my other plans too including the new bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan, more info here. What are you training for this season?


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