Olympic Triathlon Training Update 7: Peak Week and Road Bike Repairs

Peak week is over ya’ll so that just leaves the freaking out, meticulous planning and second guessing stage left before training and tapering is officially done. I’m writing this after my Monday night run, usually it’s just add the update for that one and post but you know life. I say that because it already started. I’m thinking about outfit options, transition optimizations and what if I’m dead last but there is of course lots more of that to come. Is it crazy to laminate your transition notes in case it rains on race day? OMFG what if it rains on race day? Should I practice riding my bike in the rain this week? Is that a good idea if this rain is part of a hurricane? Also what’s the longest bike lane in a 50 km area from here. I have to post on the Triathlon NS page about that because all of a sudden I need to figure out exactly how fast I’ll be on the road! Possible also I need a sedative, anyway that’s enough of that! This is how training went this week! BTW this is the first peak week I’ve ever done extra because I was having so much fun.


Thursday: 1000 m swim: Since our lake was closed through the week this week and we were finishing up a big job in town I got a late start on peak week. Ans lots of procrastination really. Actually if you all wanted to take a look at what we did in depth you can this time. We’re handling the selling of the property for the owner too since he’s at a distance and I made a website, on WordPress since I’m already familiar with that, to help us along. Usually that’s not an option since we don’t advertise. Usually we work on fancier jobs or at least higher end properties closer to us. This was a basic refresh of a very affordable townhouse but it needed everything from decks, to a roof, to paint and flooring and even landscaping. The cool thing about it was the owner said give it everything you think it needs so that I can have a clear conscious selling it to someone else and he meant it but the budget still had to be minded given the potential sale price. If you want you can check it out here but no pressure. We were on the job for a month.

Anyway we stopped in on the way home at mom’s so Honey and Stepdad could hook up the garden pump since the hot weather hit and I swam. Actually we had a heat wave all this week. Nothing of note on the swim but I did test my idea of wearing a sports bra under my suit and it worked fine but it did dry a lot slower than my bikini bottoms. At one point honey looked out and couldn’t see me and he said his heart skipped a few beats so that was sweet. He took this picture for me too!


Saturday: 9 km Run: We headed out down the shore today to have lunch with the customer we just finished the job for and see his new house. It was awesome they made me venison burgers and took us for a really cool boat ride. He has a unique piece of ocean frontage so I’ll probably never go on another one just like that anywhere else. Ps very possibly taking my paddle board down there in the future. Which is all to say I got up early and ran before we went. I could tell almost immediately that is was going to be a great run so I opted for my favourite 2 beaches route 10k instead. It turned out to be my best run so far in 2018 and I tested my race day outfit.


Sunday 50 km Bike Ride: This was the big one this week and the front derailure needed lots of attention since it wasn’t working very much at all last week. Anyway after tinkering for about 2 hours, I talked to the neighbour for an hour, I had only made it worse. Honey came out and fixed it in under two minutes. So I rode it on Sunday, I did better with the speed and coasted instead of breaking when I wanted to slow down. Also I’m starting to see how road bikers often end up in a pile on top of each other. Great ride and not super drained afterwards so that’s a wonderful sign. I spent the majority of the ride thinking about posts I could write about what roadies and mountain bikers could learn from each other.


Monday 12 km Run: After finishing up a really big job we took the weekend off and Monday was a day of errands, banking, permit office, tracking down impossible parts for things that have broken in customer’s homes and other put off errands. We managed to leave the house at 9 and not get back until 4:30 but that still meant that there was time for an early BBQ meal and a nice long evening run. I didn’t really realize that it was a recovery run from the day before until km 5 but one I realized why it felt so crappy it all of a sudden seemed so much better. Plus our amazing next door neighbours passed me at pretty much my furthest point in my longest run of training and waved. It’s silly and a bit petty but… I just love it when that happens! I feel like people know just how intense you are when that happens. When I got home I checked off all this week’s workouts and realized this one was only supposed to be 12 km, oh well I guess I’m subconsciously making up for that run I skipped last weekAnd just like that peak week is over and taper time has begun. That said… I used some of my extra cash and time to register for the 10k at valley harvest between supper and running, some people will never learn! But I think it’ll just be a fun run and get her done, plus my mom can drive me!  


If you’re interested in the plan I’m using it’s the realistic olympic triathlon training plan I wrote available here. While you’re there check out my other plans too including the new bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan, more info here. What are you training for this season?

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