Weekend Motivation 59


This picture, this one right here, cost me a 10k PR. This week on a last minute racecation to the Prince Edward Island Marathon, see I have grown from that triathlon, I was 5 seconds late to a personal record for me. Recap forthcoming. But I quickly realized that doesn’t really matter does it? In some ways it’s more of a win than those 5 seconds would be. Like really quickly, I raced this morning and we just got home. Last night not able to sleep and willing myself to bed I got to thinking, I’m not going to PR, I haven’t trained for it. You’ll get a good idea of where I am in my running in last week’s Valley harvest recap post. And blessing/curse I’ve come a long way in my running in the last 2 years. Last night those PR’s seemed pretty immovable, all of them the 5k, 10k and half marathon. I worked hard for them, over a long time and even if they don’t seem fast to you they do to me. But the stars lined up, I am in great shape now and it was cold. So 5 seconds from a 10k best and 28 seconds from a 5k showed me with some effort those can be broken for me. Had I not stopped to take the picture, or walked to drink water I would have had it. This whole experience taught me more than a surprise PR ever could!

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